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Making a Difference

Mr. Vogan knows his life has been truly blessed and is grateful he has been able to help and bless others’ lives through his service. His charitable attitude extends beyond his business and filters into the community through his devotion to church service, boy scouts, Autism Society and Special Olympics, as well as, volunteering as a youth sports coach and leader whenever needed. His special needs daughter, Megan, has severe autism and epilepsy. This has taught Jeff and his family more than just patience and love for those needing extra help, but also about the need for continued research to help us understand the mysteries of autism. It is also necessary to find ways to support families who are similarly impacted by autism.

Because a portion of profit earned by Premiere is donated to the Autism Society of America, all those who benefit from Jeff’s professional services are also helping make a difference in this worthy cause.

Building a Family Legacy

Speaking of family, Jeff Vogan is a devout family man. He constantly brags about his five wonderful children, Whitney, Taylor, Jordan, Hannah, and Megan. He also loves and supports his beautiful and patient wife of over 30 years, Amy. Added to the mix over the past few years is a new son-in-law, Kyle, and two daughter-in-laws, Becah and Jackie. Eight grandchildren, Charlotte “Charli,” Rosie, Kyson, Annie, Weston, Jace, Mack and Stella expanded the family tree.

His love for family is truly evident as Mr. Vogan helps build legacy plans for his wealthy clients to benefit their families, loved ones, and other interests for generations. Jeff’s past role of Certified Wealth Counselor and charter faculty member of the Heritage Institute has helped him gain relevant experience to help wealth pass from one generation to the next while keeping family values and goals intact. Vogan explains, “It’s not just about transferring the money to who you want, when you want, and how you want, but to create a lasting legacy that provides meaning and value for generations to come. Sound knowledge in financial markets and products is only a piece of the puzzle. A good financial plan begins with learning about the family’s goals, values, hopes, and dreams. If done right, this vision, combined with the proper financial tools and strategies, can become the family legacy.”